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Eastwell Manor, Ashford


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A full day event that is all about networking, to help business owners to understand how to make their networking more effective & efficient.

We all know networking is one the best methods for making new connections, meeting other business owners, starting great collaborations, gaining new clients & subsequently ensuring that your business builds & grows.

But do you know how to be most effective & efficient with your time while networking?

Still so many business owners approach networking with the wrong attitude.

* There are those who feel going to an event & handing out their business cards, without even having a conversation with anyone is the best method.

* There are those who are all about talking about themselves, who they are, how great they are at what they do & why the person they are speaking too must work with them.

* There are those who never speak to anyone new, they are shy & nervous so they just speak to their friends & people they know.

There are so many examples of ways not to network, but what is the best way to do it? How can you really make the best of your time & come away from an event knowing you have been effective with your time?

Join us on the 18th March at Eastwell Manor in Ashford 10am to 3pm

to find out more

Ticket Types

VIP Admission - Admission to the full day event with refreshment & lunch

Just £35

VIP Gold AdmissionGet a little more from the day - Admission to the full day, all activities during the day including lunch & refreshments. Front row seats reserved, 1 to 1 session at a later date with some of the speakers - business advert in the event programme - guest spot on the Business Bunker Xtra radio show.


General admission - If you can't make the full day you are welcome to book without lunch & pop in whenever suits you.



For the first event our theme is Marketing we have two fantastic speakers who will be sharing their knowledge with you.

We will also have a fun & interactive team building networking session, plus round tables to discuss the topics that matter to you, the business owners, a delicious lunch & lots & lots of networking time.

You can join us for the full day 10am to 3pm, or just book a general admission & pop in when suits you.

Evexio Ltd Event Management Networkers N
Evexio Ltd Event Management Networkers N

Meet Our Speakers

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Mike is commonly known as Hax. He is an experienced documentary filmmaker. He now uses his experience as a story teller, to help organisations find and tell stories that engage their audiences and stakeholders. 


Hax is the CEO of Prisma Broadcast a ‘Communication House’ here in Kent, that primarily uses video to convey the Narrative. He now works across every area of video communication – internal communications, compliance, marketing and lead generation, as well as communicating change.

“I believe that Video is now the apex communication tool for all business and when combined with other technical and broadcast platforms in the right way, it’s impossible NOT to build brands, increase sales and promote productive collaboration” says Hax.


Hax and his Prisma Broadcast team work with businesses who want growth. They do this by developing, producing and deploying video content that build brands, generate sales and nurture collaboration. They design productive communication strategies and work as external support, either entirely or integrated to an internal marketing team. They takes time to qualify and choose the clients they work with, to ensure the relationship is an excellent fit.  

 Hax can be contacted through Prisma Broadcast, at, Subject:

Hax will be sharing

Building video into your Marketing to make more Money!

Evexio Event Management Whats on Network

An award-winning marketing expert Tabitha Beasley founded The Marketing Assistant in 2014 to provide transformative marketing support to help small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed.


Specialising in business marketing, The Marketing Assistant offers personalised outsourced marketing services to SME businesses; from general marketing support and guidance, to strategic planning and campaign management.


Tabitha has over ten years’ London agency experience working across many global brands including Virgin, Oxfam, O2, Dove and Avis, with skills spanning Integrated, Direct & Digital Marketing, Advertising, Consumer Loyalty and Social Media sectors as well as a degree in Marketing & PR.

Tabitha will speak about 

'How to Marketing your Business for FREE - Top Tips for Marketing any Business'

- Marketing Basics, how to ensure that you are fully set up?

- Marketing Musts, how to make the most of your Marketing?

- Marketing Wins, how to reposition your marketing

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