Why do I need an Event Manager?

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Are you one of these really creative, motivated business owners who likes to do everything themselves?

More importantly are you a great business owner, who realises that you can’t do everything yourself?

A lot of people who run their own businesses, often run their own events to offer their services & promote their businesses, thinking it is easier & cheaper to do it all themselves.

They think they can do it all themselves and to be honest most people probably can.

But have you actually considered how much easier it would be, not to have to do it yourself?

To be able to have a professional do all the hard work for you, allowing you to sit back, relax & make the most of the event.

There are many reasons why hiring an Event Manager is a good idea, here are the top 5 reasons: -

Reason 1: - They can save you money.

Many people have the misconception that hiring an Event Manager will cost them too much money, extra money on top of the costs for the event and that they can’t afford to hire one. The truth is you can’t afford not to.

A good Event Manager can actually end up saving you money, or at the very least save enough money to cover their fee.

How I hear you ask?

A good Event Manager will have a database of different suppliers for everything you need for your event, they will know which suppliers are willing to work for the price you want to pay & also they will be able to negotiate with them to get the best price for what you need.

Your Event Manager will be able to do all the hard work searching out the best people to work with, for the very best prices, ensuring that everything stays within your budget, or even better, below your budget.

Reason 2: - They can save you time.

How valuable is your time? How much does it cost you to take time away from your business to organise every detail for you event?

A good Event Manager can not only save you money, they can also save you time.

After you have had a meeting with your Event Manager, detailing everything you want for your event and working out with them the best way to proceed, they will then meet with each of the suppliers and work out all of the details. Leaving you to get on with your normal job.

‘I literally can’t count the hours having an event planner has saved me’ – a quote from Susan Baroncini-Moe, in her blog 7 surprising reasons to hire an Event Planner.

Reason 3: - Making it look good.

No matter what type of event you are wanting to host, the lay out of the room and the décor are very important details to consider, if you want your event to be memorable for the right reasons.

A good Event Manager will be able to advise you how to layout the room, to get the best from the space & make it more comfortable for your guests. Even a little detail such as, having the chairs at a slight angle, allowing them to feel more engaged, is a detail you may not even think about.

And having the right décor & lighting really will help change the whole look & feel of the room for you & your guests.

Reason 4: - The right people for the job.

Whether it be the techies who are organising all technical support for your event, or the caterers providing nourishment to your guests.

A good Event Manager will know the right people for the job, enabling you to have exactly what you want and allowing you to get the most from your event.

Having to communicate with all the different people who will be involved in the event, including the speakers you may have attending, the venue owners, the decorators, etc. can take a lot of time. Your Event Manager will not only save you time, they will be able to make sure you are using the best people for the job.

Reason 5: - Taking away the stress

No one will disagree with the fact that running any type of event can be stressful, it is vital that every detail is perfect and that the event is a huge success. As a business owner aren’t you stressed enough? So why add more stress to your already stressful job?

Your Event Manager will do all of the post event work & they will be there on the day, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

A good Event Manger will take away all of the stress of organising & running your event leaving you to do what you’re best at, selling your business.

So, do you need an Event Manager?

Can you afford to hire an Event manager to help you with your event? The questions should really be can you really afford not to?

From the simple job of finding the perfect venue for your event, to running the entire event for you, Event Managers are here to help you.

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