Orchard Employment Law Seminars

We had a lot of fun working with Jemma Fairclough Haynes of Orchard Employment when she ran a series of 3 seminars in a year.

Jemma contacted us for the first of the seminars, after she had booked the venue & started to put it together, she soon realised that she needed some help finalising all the details, to complete the organisation & to help with the running of the day to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu

They were all half day events for business owners with 5 or more staff, giving them advice & updates on HR & employment law.

It was important to help make each event inspiring & fun.

When covering such a dry subject, it is all to easy to just cover the information & lose the interest of the attendees. Although the attendees are there to learn, if they get bored they won’t come back, they won’t recommend it & they won’t consider the host for private 1-2-1 work.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu
Butterflies Events Event Management Venu

We started by looking at how we could make the event more creative & more engaging for the attendees in a relaxed environment.

We looked at the venue, the layout of the room, how to introduce the branding, how the day would run, how the host would present their content & what tech support they would need.

By paying attention to every detail, creating some branded art pieces, setting the room to allow each of the attendees to be able engage with the speaker & ensuring everything ran smoothly we were able to ensure each event was a success.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu
Butterflies Events Event Management Venu

Each event started with morning refreshment & a bit of networking for the attendees before hearing from our host.


There was a lot of information for the attendees to take in & Jemma presented it all with professionalism, but in a relaxed way so that the attendees enjoyed what they were learning & knew how to implement what they had learnt.


We love working on smaller bespoke events like this with our clients, by doing all the ground work for them, we leave them to relax, enjoy the event & be the best host they can.

'I have used Evexio on more than one occasion and each time Amanda has surprised me with her creativity and attention to detail.

As an entrepreneur and professional it is so comforting to know that all the event management is taken care of and I can get on with what I do best. I would recommend this service to any business which see's events as an integral part of their service.'

Jemma Fairclough-Haynes Orchard Employment Law

Photography by Event photographer Al Frank Monk Photography