Everett Macleod Anniversary Dinner

Staying in business is tough & making it past the first few years is something a lot of new businesses don’t manage, so when your business reaches a big mile stone, such as 20 years, it’s something to be celebrated & celebrated in style.

During our discovery call with owner of Everett Macleod, Mike Macleod he explained that he wanted a celebration dinner for 50 of his clients & employees to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

After taking us through his main requirements, such as wanting it to be located in London, at an easy to reach location, for the evening to start with reception drinks, followed by a sit down meal & some entertainment. His final requirement was that it was something amazing, something worthy of 20 year in business & definitely somethings memorable.

With so many fabulous venues in London within easy reach of train or tube, it took a bit of time to narrow down the perfect venue.

We had a few suggestions for our client, but he wasn’t really taken with them, they just weren’t quite right.

It was all about having the venue that had wow factor.

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It was then that we had a moment of inspiration, which London venues had the wow factor, that were within our client’s budget.


That is when the we decided to look at Tower Bridge, in particular the Walk Ways.

Very often when working with a client, once we have found a venue we have a site visit so that they can see it for themselves & are sure that it is what they want. For this event, that wasn’t possible & so we carried out the site visit ourselves.

We were blown away by the venue, it truly had the wow factor & we knew it was perfect for our client’s event. It literally ticked all the boxes.

As soon as we told our client, he was extremely excited & after discussing final budgets & details, he gave the final go ahead.

The evening started with us arriving to set up, the transformation of the walk ways was magical. We had visited during the day & when it was all lite up in our client’s corporate colours, we knew the event was going to be memorable.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu
Butterflies Business Events Event Manage

On the evening of the event we had just one hour to set up, which was very tight, the tables had to be put out & set up, with everything including the place cards & centre pieces. We also had to go through the running order of the evening with the onsite staff.

The first half of the walk way was set up for the drinks reception, the glass panel on the floor, half way along, was left uncovered & the second half was set up with the tables & chairs.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu
Butterflies Business Events Event Manage
Butterflies Events Event Management Venu

As it was a corporate event it was important that the client’s branding was present & Tower Bridge has great facilities to house this. With big screens in the reception area & a huge screen at the entrance to the walkway.

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Butterflies Business Events Event Manage

The guests were welcomed by staff in the reception & then transported in the lifts up to the walk ways.

On arrival at to the walk ways the guests were greeted by their hosts & then received their welcome drinks while taking in the amazing views & daring each other to walk over the glass floor.

Dinner was served at 7.30pm sharpe, the 3 course meal was mouth-watering, the wine kept flowing & the guests continued to having an amazing time.

We had just 3 hours for the event, but the venue was magical, the views awesome & it certainly was an event that every guest there would never forget.

“Amanda, of Evexio, was referred to me when I decided that I would like to host an event to celebrate my companies’ 20th anniversary. Hiring her turned out to be an excellent decision.

Amanda worked extremely hard to create & organise the perfect event for me. She organised an amazing venue, the walk ways of Tower Bridge & managed everything with professionalism, dedication & care.

The main benefit of Amanda organising my event for me was that I did not have to stress about anything she took care of everything, keeping me in the loop the whole time, so I knew what was happening. On the evening itself I just arrived, focused on the guests & enjoyed myself; safe in the knowledge that everything else was taken care of.

If I ever need an Event Manager again I will certainly be contacting Amanda.”

Photography by Event photographer Jane Mucklow Photography