Bells Start Up Event

We work with a variety of clients putting together business events & we love supporting SME’s, so when Managing Director of Bells Accountants, Joanne Bell, approached us to help with a start up event for people new to business, we were very happy to help.

At our first meeting with Joanne, we spoke about what type of event she wanted to host, the ideas she had for the different type of content she wanted to provide & the speakers she wanted to use. It was the brain dumping session, where everything the client has in their head comes out & we get an initial idea of how the event is going to look & feel.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu

At the second consultation we began to put more structure into the event, decided on location, number of speakers, discussed sponsors, content, date, times and so on. Although our client knew the topics she wanted covered at the event, she had only sourced 3 speakers herself & asked us to source a suitable speaker to cover HR & employment law.

The location was to be London, in a hotel with full conference facilities, nice quality, located close to public transport & so the search began.

After choosing 3 possible venues & presenting their details to our client, she finally choose the Park Plaza, London Victoria. It ticked all the boxes.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu
Butterflies Events Event Management Venu

Very often when working with a client, once we have found a venue we have a site visit so that they can see it for themselves & are sure that it is what they want. For this event, that wasn’t possible & so we carried out the site visit ourselves.

We then set about putting the event together, we provided our full event management support which included: -

  • Marketing support for the event - creating content for online marketing, email invites & press releases

  • Speaker management

  • Sponsor management

  • Venue management

  • Attendee booking & management

  • Facilitation for the day

On the day of the event, we arrived to set up the room, go through the running order with the onsite event team & ensure everything was in place before our client & the attendees arrived.

Butterflies Events Event Management Venu
Butterflies Events Event Management Venu

Our job was to ensure everything ran smoothly, that both speakers & attendees had everything they needed, that the refreshments & lunch were served on time & that the speakers kept to their allotted times.

The event was a huge success, all the attendees enjoyed it & took away a lot of valuable information to help them build & grow their businesses.

‘I asked Amanda, of Evexio, to organise our start up workshop for me and she delivered absolutely brilliantly. She supported me throughout the planning of the event, came up with many excellent ideas and then organised and hosted the event itself. She took care of everything including the venue booking, the promotion of the event itself, the handouts and ensured the day itself went smoothly taking care of the attendees every step of the way. I couldn't have done it without her!’ Joanne Bell ,Bells Accountants